Reginae Carter Practices Her Vocal Range While On Set For 'Pride And Prejudice: Atlanta'

Reginae Carter Practices Her Vocal Range While On Set For 'Pride And Prejudice: Atlanta'
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Toya Wright recently announced her fans and followers on Instagram the reason for one of her most significant reasons to be proud. She revealed that her older daughter Reginae Carter has her very first leading role .

‘I’m so proud of my baby!!! Her first leading role. ??? Baby girl your future is so bright. 1st announcement more to come. #proudmama cc: @bysbtalent @sperryparkceo,’ Toya captioned her post on Instagram.

Fans were happy to read such news and they congratulated Nae for this amazing achievement.

Now, she posted a video on social media from the set, and she is showing fans what she's doing while waiting for her turn. You can see Nae and hear her lovely voice in the video below.

'I can’t believe my baby all grown up now!!! I love that she sticks up for her damn self ??‍♀️?' someone gushed over Nae.

Another follower preferred Tiny Harris' daughter and said 'Um no... leave the singing to @zonniquejailee and figure out what works for you hun cause this ain’t it!!!'

One person wrote 'She said it was just her in the dressing room but it definitely looks like she was putting in some real effort by her facial expression. ??'

Someone defended Nae and her parents from all the haters who came for them and said ' are y'all mad that her parents set her up to be successful. Don't y'all want that for yall kids? Or is it just me cause..'

A commenter also had a few words for the naysayers and here's what they posted: 'Whew Chile some of y’all need self-love. Smh so much hate in the world truly sad! She’s gorgeous and sounds good keep working on you and climbing that latter to the top while others stay internet trolls ??❤️?'

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