Reginae Carter Poses With Kylie Jenner & Her BFF Jordyn Woods Amidst YFN Lucci Breakup Rumors

Reginae Carter Poses With Kylie Jenner & Her BFF Jordyn Woods Amidst YFN Lucci Breakup Rumors
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We recently reported that Reginae Carter's latest Instagram post sparked breakup rumors between her and YFN Lucci. She posted 'Let him go and keep yourself' and the second post was saying 'I will do exactly that.'

Fans believe that Nae is definitely referring at YFN Lucci and she finally decided that she's better off without him.

More than that, her followers have recently shown that they  don’t like the way in which she’s acting when Lucci is around , and they are displeased with their relationship.

Now, Nae is posing with Kylie Jenner, and her BFF Jordyn Woods and all of their fans are here for it.

Haters have been saying in the comments section that Nae is trying too hard in this pic, but her diehard fand came quickly in her defense.

Someone said 'look I have never seen this girl do anything to anyone, I know I am not blind. I can see the people always making jokes about her, that’s uncalled for. I also don’t wanna repeat myself so read the original comment and then read my reply. I wasn’t even relating it to Reginae, but just in general, I will not uplift a person just based on our skin color, that was all.'

Another follower believes that 'People in the shaderoom are the biggest fakes EVER..! Y’all putting Reginae down (A BLACK GIRL) but lifting Kylie 🙄 the way the rest of the world looks at Americans is true... y’all really are lost...'

Another person wrote that 'She’s lil Wayne’s daughter so either way they all got money living their best life while y’all wanna be haters in the comments.'

Someone else also defended Reginae and said 'Why did Reginae ever did to y’all for you guys to be hating on her so bad, she literally minds her business and still gets so much hate from you guys, then y’all wanna talk about uplifting your own people smh... this page has some of the most disgusting commenters always find a reason to hate on someone.... practice what you preach, do better people! You absolutely gain nothing by bringing something down.'

We really hope that Nae is okay these days no matter what she decided to do regarding her relationship with Lucci.


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