Reginae Carter Makes Lil Wayne Proud By Teaming Up With Toya Wright To Slam YFN Lucci For Pushing This Challenge

Reginae Carter Makes Lil Wayne Proud By Teaming Up With Toya Wright To Slam YFN Lucci For Pushing This Challenge
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In their own ways, both Reginae Carter and her mother, Toya Wright, have come out against the despicable and degrading challenge involving a cucumber that is going around the Internet.

Oddly enough, Reginae's on-and-off boyfriend, YNF Lucci, is one of the celebrities who has been pushing the infamous cucumber challenge on Instagram.

Over the weekend, YFN Lucci was seen on several videos partying with girls who were putting the vegetable in their mouths.

Lil Wayne's daughter posted a video where she told women to have more respect for themselves and added: "The cucumber situation... I feel like to each his own, that's what you do, but it's very degrading, and it's not cute. Also, if you have a daughter...that shit is not cool. Honestly, the folks that are posting it and stuff like that you gotta understand if you got kids your kids are going to school and trust me [people] addressing your kids about that, and it's not cool."

Reginae also made it clear that she no longer wants to be near YFN or those pushing the challenge: "Anybody that's promoting that and thinking that's cool I don't want to be nowhere near them."

Toya also shared Reginae's video to get the message accross.

One fan had this to say: "So is she mad abt the challenge or is she mad her bf acting as he has never experienced something like that? Where was this energy when she was bent over in a bathroom recording while he lifted her dress or skirt to do who knows what? So that wasn’t distasteful ?! I guess we pick and choose what we want to be affiliated with where was mama then‼️"

Another person added: "That cucumber challenge was ridiculous. I didn’t know what I hated seeing more- the ladies participating, or the BLACK men being entertained by it instead of covering them up saying “Nah queen, I’m not gone let you disrespect yourself like that sis.” On both ends, we must do better and have each other’s back more."

This social media user explained: "Sis that sounds good and all but if you take him back, it all goes out the window 😩Girl you talking to talk to end right back with him. Maybe address him in person vs. social media bc you look crazy in the public eye. You keep going back to him when he constantly shows you his true colors!! He’s trying to manipulate you so that you can be used to his actions!!"

Reginae seems determined to move forward.

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