Reginae Carter Makes Fans Laugh With Her Latest Post On Social Media

Reginae Carter Makes Fans Laugh With Her Latest Post On Social Media
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Reginae Carter addresses one of her weight loss secrets on her social media account. Well, 'secret' is too much said, because Nae's fans already know that she's a Teami partner.

The beginning of her caption made fans laugh, and you can also see it below.

'I love being a #teamipartner, so I try to eat & live my best but let's be real the only GREEN I like is moneyyyy💰😂 But for real, I don't like veggies so I've been using the @teamiblends Greens Powder because it's exactly what I needed in my diet💪 I hate prepping my food so this is perfect because I can just mix in water,' Nae began her caption.

She continued and said: 'It's packed with 16 different superfoods to work in all those vitamins and nutrients that's been lackin in my diet. Since starting, I've got SO much more energy so ya girl kills it in the gym. Ya'll I'm not playing you NEED to get on this. Use my code NAE20 for 20% off your order! #thankyouteami.'

Somoene else shared: 'Just give me some dipping sauce and a red bull " that girl is a total happy meal 😆'

One other commenter posted: 'You’re so beautiful inside and out nae. My sag cousin 😘😘' and someone else brought up YFN Lucci: '@yfnlucci sounded so sad on the radio this morning'

As fans know, Nae dumped YFN Lucci once again not too long ago and people hope that she will not take him back again.

Other than this, Nae has been impressing her fans with all kinds of cool outfits.

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