Reginae Carter Lets You In On Her Summer Weight Loss Secret - Watch The Video

Reginae Carter Lets You In On Her Summer Weight Loss Secret - Watch The Video
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Everyone who knows Toya Wright's daughter also knows that the young lady likes to work out like crazy. Now, Reginae Carter is also sharing her secret for having a tiny waist in the video below.

'ROOMIES, take notice‼️ #ReginaeCarter using the Slimming Sweat Vest from @theperfectsculpt to get fit this summer. They got a 50% OFF today on this just for our #roommates Our favorite lady celebrities have been rocking these in their workouts & I’m DIGGING their results. Hit the link in @theperfectsculpt bio to get access to the sale before they sell out 👀 #ThePerfectSculptPartner' The Shade Room captioned the video.

People were not quite here for the waist trainers.

Someone said 'Waist trainers are a scheme. You don’t need waste trainers or flat tummy tea 😂. Workout and drink water. Simple!' More people agreed.

One follower believes that 'Everybody crying ‘waist trainers don’t work’ couldn’t stick with the regime and were disappointed because they expected the waist TRAINER to deliver the results they were supposed to work for🤦🏾‍♀️ working out an drinking water will NOT shrink your waist or give it ⌛️ shape, waist trainers are the most natural way to achieve that (besides genetics).'

Someone else said about Nae that 'She’s a good mixture of Toya and Wayne. Beautiful young lady.😍'

Anyway, celebrities have been slammed for promoting waist trainers and various weight loss products for quite a while now, but they keep doing it.

Reginae was recently in the spotlight after she reminded everyone that it should have been the birthday of her late uncle, Rudy Johnson , Toya Wright’s brother who got murdered together with his brother Josh Johnson.

They were both shot to death in New Orleans back in 2016.

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