Reginae Carter Is Working On Her Revenge Body Following Her Breakup With YFN Lucci - Tiny Harris Is Here For It

Reginae Carter Is Working On Her Revenge Body Following Her Breakup With YFN Lucci - Tiny Harris Is Here For It
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It was recently reported that all signs point to the fact that Reginae Carter dumped YFN Lucci again. Toya Wright's daughter posted a smart quote on her social media account, and her fans really hope that this time, she’ll be practicing what she’s preaching.

Lucci and Reginae have been dating on an off for several months now, and it seems that they recently split once more.

A couple of days ago, YFN Lucci took to social media where he wrote the following message : ‘Can someone tell my girl I’m sorry and I’m looking for her.’

Toya hopped in the comments just to let Lucci know that her daughter is not alone.

After this, the rapper managed to freak out some of Reginae's fans with a video that he posted in which, frankly, he seems wasted.

Nae's fans keep telling her that this relationship was toxic and she should run away from the man and never look back. Toya's mom is not a fan either.

Reginae seems unbothered these days, and she hit the gym where she's working out like there's no tomorrow.

'if it ain’t What Waist! It ain’t what waist! Summertime fine ladies, let’s go!' Nae captioned her post which includes more clips in which she's working out.

Tiny Harris told her that she's fine. It's nice to see Tiny supporting Nae like this, especially since she might be going through a difficult period.

A fan said '@colormenae. I think you should do a fitness wear line that would be dope.'

Someone else gushed over Nae and Zonnique's friendship: 'I love her and @zonniquejailee energy and friendship. ❤️'

A supporter noted that 'Girls love the gym when they are going through a break up lol.'

Someone else also priased her and said: 'Yessssss we love how consistent you are Warrior! You put in WORK 💪🏽💪🏽 @colormenae.'

A person told Nae: 'When doing your cable woodchops if you want to target the abs better try to stay away from turning your hips 😁'

Nae's fans hope that she will not be getting back together with Lucci this time because they say he's toxic for her.


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