Reginae Carter Is Working On Being Healthier Amidst The YFN Lucci 'Baby Making Issue' That Had Fans Worried

Reginae Carter Is Working On Being Healthier Amidst The YFN Lucci 'Baby Making Issue' That Had Fans Worried
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It was reported not too long ago that Reginae Carter's fans freaked out after her on-and-off boyfriend, YFN Lucci posted on social media a message in which he was saying he wants another baby.

Nae's fans told her that this is the moment when she should be running as far as possible from the man.

Some of them even told Toya Wright’s daughter that he is definitely a narcissist and she should stay away from him.

In some recent videos with Toya and Nae, the mom says that there are no babies planned for her daughter and she mentioned ‘the boyfriend’ who said that he wants more kids.

Nae, on the other hand, doesn't seem too affected by all of this and she's minding her own business.

She just told fans on social media that she's longing for the body that she used to have and she's doing everything possible now to tone her figure even more.

She shared a message on Instagram in which she's telling fans that she wants to be healthier.

'Just working on being healthier😊 I'm a #teamipartner because this year I'm all about feeling myself! I've really seen some amazing results with @teamiblends detox tea that I can't get enough. I don't have to deal with feeling bloated or uncomfortable the day after a night out, and my skin is seriously glowing from being consistent with this!! Pairing this with my boxing workouts and I've been seeing results even faster. I don't hate that it keeps my stomach flatter too😏 Use my code NAE20 for 20% off our order! #thankyouteami' Na captioned her latest post.

Someone said 'In this picture, I see nothing but your mom in you !.. nice picture.'

Another follower posted that 'You're like 21 with fresh skin and you're not super out of shape like you been around the world for over 40 yrs. my point your still young very young so it’s really no results that are actually working against age and time. #phonyresults.'

What's your opinion about such products?

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