Reginae Carter Is Glowing In A Blue Outfit - She's Revealing The Secret For A Great Figure

Reginae Carter Is Glowing In A Blue Outfit - She's Revealing The Secret For A Great Figure
Credit: BET

Reginae Carter has been sharing a bunch of her pics on her social media account in which she's flaunting her toned figure. She's also rocking a cool blue outfit paired with Blue Adidas Falcon as well.

'I’m a mf problem that you won’t solve without knowledge😏💋 outfit : @unicornuniverseusa' Nae captioned one of the recent posts.

Fans and followers praised her figure, outfit, and also the new red hair that she's rocking.

Nae made sure also to reveal one of the secrets that helps her to maintain her weight:

'you know the grind don't stop 💯 #teamipartner I've been hitting my goals all year, you know I'm not about to let some holidays slow me down, so I'm back with my Teami. I've seen some amazing results with @teamiblends detox tea that I can't get enough,' Nae began her caption.

She continued and told fans, 'I notice a change in how I feel when I'm on this, I don't feel bloated or uncomfortable the day after a night out, and I have so much energy I've been hitting the gym twice some days. Plus, this got my skin poppin from being consistent with this!! Ya'll have to check this out and use NAE25 for 25% off your own! #thankyouteami.'

One follower doesn't like the photo that Nae chose for this ad and said: 'How are they letting you advertise looking like you heartbroken. Taking a pic in your bathroom isn’t a grind.'

Another follower also had something to ask Nae: 'U look good Nae! But when advertising can we see u without a filter, please.'

Not too long ago, Reginae impressed her fans when she posted a message for her uncle on her own social media account - it was in order to mark the memory of her mom's late brother, Josh Johnson.

It would have been his birthday, and the family is thinking about him these days.

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