Reginae Carter Debuts Pink Hair And Sparks Controversy Among Fans

Reginae Carter Debuts Pink Hair And Sparks Controversy Among Fans
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Reginae Carter is flaunting pastel pink hair, and an all-white outfit and fans couldn't adore her more. Some of them, because there are also some followers who just hate the new look.

Check out the pics that she posted on her social media account and tell us what do you think about this new look of hers.

'Did this shiii once and I’ll do it again? #offguards Fit from @fashionnova ? hair slayed by @kenya_styles ?,' Nae captioned her post on Instagram.

'I’m confused on why everyone hates your hair but if we really wasted time doing that we would go crazy ? ITS CUTE ?' one of her fans posted, loving her new hair.

'You my girl and all but the hair gotta go like neoowwww!! Who ever did your install gotta you out here lookn hella goofy. The front just omg I can’t??‍♀️ your stylist needs her ass beat!! Let @arrogant_tae123 do your hair from now on sis. I still love you tho?' another follower wrote and as you can see did not like Nae's hair color at all.

'@colormenae I never comment on celebrities pics but this definitely deserves it u look so pretty from the hair down to the sneaks, and that sweatsuit is ???' one commenter gushed over Reginae's look, and a hater slammed her, saying 'Oh damn that’s fu**ed up sis Untag the Hairstylist. U making her lose cliclients,missing up sis coins ?'

Nae is probably used to not-so-friendly comments on her social media, because especially since she hangs out with her BF YFN Lucci, people are slamming her all over the place.

They mostly accuse her of having a much older boyfriend. But if her own mother is happy and Nae is doing great, why would someone slam her?


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