Reginae Carter Breaks Fans' Hearts With A Photo That Triggers Memories - Here It Is

Reginae Carter Breaks Fans' Hearts With A Photo That Triggers Memories - Here It Is
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Reginae Carter has recently posted a photo with Rudy Johnson, Toya Wright's late brother on her social media account.

You may recall that both he and Toya's other brother Josh Johnson got killed a few years ago and the family suffered a tremendous loss. All of them are missing the two young men.

The deaths of Joshua Johnson and Ryan 'Rudy' Johnson always bring tears into the family's eyes and their fans' as well.

Here is the photo that Nae shared on her social media account.

'I miss you, so muchhhhh' Nae wrote in the caption and fans had kind words for the family in the comments section.

Someone said 'Rudy 🙏❤🙏❤ Rest in heaven. You are missed.'

Another follower posted '🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼he will always guide and watch over you. To be absent in the flesh is to be present with the lord. @colormenae God bless....'

Someone else wrote 'My crush mane the good die young so sad I hate gun violence #RIPKING.'

One supporter said that 'I followed Rudy. Maybe a year before he passed. I'm not sure why God had me follow him & his girl; however, I prayed for him & I miss him too... Rest up.'

A commenter wrote that 'several of us didn’t know them personally but knew she lost both of her uncles to a violent death. A real follower would’ve known that.'

Reginae is all about the family . She always stood up for any of her family members.

She recently posted what she understands by family, as a concept. ‘“Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten “ 💓’ Nae wrote.


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