Reginae Carter And Angela Simmons Are Twinning In The Same Outfit - Which Look Would You Wear?

Reginae Carter And Angela Simmons Are Twinning In The Same Outfit - Which Look Would You Wear?
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Here's another case of two gorgeous women wearing the very same outfit. This time, The Shade Room brings forth Toya Wright's daughter, Reginae Carter and Angela Simmons.

These lovely ladies rocked the same burgundy outfit and fans were asked who wore it better. Check out the two of them below.

'#TSRBishStoleMyLook: Okay! Looks like both #ReginaeCarter and #AngelaSimmons kept it cute & rocked a cozy burgundy outfit. Reginae paired hers with a #Gucci fanny pack along with #Gucci sneakers. While Angela wore her outfit with matching heels. Both women look great, but you know we had to ask, who wore it better?! 👀 The Shade Room captioned their post.

Someone answered 'Reginae... 😫 hate I had to say that.. but Angela doesn't look good in this pic,' and another commenter had to bring up the Gucci issue: 'We don’t wear Gucci no more in my @watchjazzy voice 🤣🤣'

Someone considered that The Shade Room put the wrong question, because you don't need to praise someone by slightly shading someone else: 'No need to say, “Who wore it better,” you can ask, “Which look would you rock?” Me... I’d rock BOFFUM!!! #Empowerment.'

Another commenter picked Angela because Nae is wearing Gucci: 'I am going with Angela because GUCCI is CANCELLED.'

A person gushed over both ladies and said 'They both look beautiful. Just my opinion not trying to be negative but. Reginae don't need none of that makeup. It's taking away from her beauty.'

Speaking of Nae and makeup , she was recently shaded by a commenter.

Reginae seemed unbothered by the haters’ opinions about her. As it was already reported recently, someone commented on one of her pics and the person sad that Nae is ‘not ugly,’ but she should wear some makeup.

Even Nae’s mom,  Toya Wright defended her . After that, Toya shared another post on her own social media in which she was  slamming haters of both her daughters really hard .

So, which one of the looks above would you rock?


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