Reginae Carter Advertises Her Favorite Hair Company For Black Friday

Reginae Carter Advertises Her Favorite Hair Company For Black Friday
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Reginae Carter likes to change her look almost on a daily basis, and her fans are always impressed by the multitude of wigs that she keeps flaunting on social media. Now, Nae tells her followers which is her favorite hair company and also promotes their deal for Black Friday.

'My favorite hair company @revengeluxuryhair is having a black Friday sale. Use code: Black Friday at checkout and let me know once you've ordered♥️' Nae captioned her post on social media.

Someone said that she looks exactly like her mom, Toya Wright: 'Spitting image of your mother. Two beautiful women!'

Another follower said 'Alright Nae, I’m getting mine installed on Thursday. I only got it because of you, hope it’s the bomb.'

Someone else praised Nae's hairdo from the photo and said that this is the best look for her: '@colormenae This is my favorite look on you! That bob is everything!! ?'

For Thanksgiving, Nae posted an emotional message along with a bunch of photos on social media, to praise her parents, Toya and Lil Wayne.

Her fans liked the fact that she gushed over her parents like this and they made sure to tell her that in the comments section.

Nae also praised her dad when his album went platinum , and she showed her fans just how proud she’s of him.

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