Regina Hall Admits She's Nervous To Host The BET Awards - Here's Why!

Regina Hall Admits She's Nervous To Host The BET Awards - Here's Why!
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As fans know, Regina Hall is set to host the BET Awards tonight and she admitted that she’s pretty nervous. Here’s what she had to say while chatting with HollywoodLife.

So has she been living her best life due to her huge success in life?

The actress who rose to success because of her Scary Movie franchise role joked that not until ‘Sunday night at 7:30 L.A. time.’

Regina admitted that the gig is making her nervous due to the fact that she has ‘never done a live show’ before.

‘Everything has to come together, so I think the fact that it is live, there is not like, cut, can we just reshoot that? So, the live aspect of the show has got me most nervous…But it is like that for me even with shooting, before shooting is when you're the most nervous. When you go on set and you actually start working it all goes away,’ she told the news outlet.

As for the sure way to win over the nerves, Regina revealed that ‘that as long as you are prepared that is the key. So for me it is just making sure that I'm prepared, kind of knowing everything, getting everything as precise as I can and then throwing it all away…I have never done a live show so I don’t have a pre show ritual but I am going to say, that’s my pre-show ritual — preparation!’

She talked about her wardrobe for the big event as well, saying that while it was super fun to try things on, her gown will not be her main focus.

That being said, she would rather watch the show instead of changing her outfit multiple times, even though she is well aware people will pay attention to what she is wearing.

That’s not to say she won’t have two or three changes!

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