Regardless Of Recent Split From Austin Wilson, Demi Lovato Is 'Doing Really Well'

Regardless Of Recent Split From Austin Wilson, Demi Lovato Is 'Doing Really Well'
Credit: Source: MTV

Demi Lovato recently confirmed that she has split from her boyfriend of one month. However, the split is amicable and the singer is going to be okay.

Demi debuted Austin Wilson to her Instagram page over one month ago. The two pumped the breaks on their relationship but a person close to the situation claims that they remain friends.

She recently responded to a fan asking them to please be kind during this hard time.

'Please don’t go after him. He’s a good guy. Much better than what people see on the outside just because he’s got a lot of tattoos.'

She also added: 'Breakups are hard for both parties involved. Just stay nice and say prayers.'

If Lovato was in a more vulnerable space, like around a year ago, she would be at risk of losing her sobriety. But because the songstress has been working on herself and her sober life -- she knows that she can handle anything thrown her way.

An insider told Hollywood Life: 'Things weren’t ever that serious between them and she’s doing really well. She liked him and they were having fun but they weren’t even together that long. She’s very focused on her new music and all of the exciting things she’s got professionally in the new year.'

Maybe, now that the Skyscraper singer is single again, she can rekindle what could have been with Mike Johnson from The Bachelorette.

The two seemed to have good chemistry up until he started running his mouth about his flirtationship with Demi .

'Mike was nice enough but they didn’t really click. He was moving pretty fast and Demi wasn’t on the same track. She just wasn’t into him like she thought she’d be,' a source said.

Either way, it's great to see that Lovato knows what's best for her and harbors no bad feelings.

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