Reese Witherspoon Reacts To Harvey Weinstein's Sentencing - Says She Has ‘Renewed Hope’

Reese Witherspoon Reacts To Harvey Weinstein's Sentencing - Says She Has ‘Renewed Hope’
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In the aftermath of Harvey Weinstein’s sentencing, many Hollywood stars took to social media to celebrate the news that he will be spending no less than 23 years behind bars for his rape accusations. That being said, Reese Witherspoon joined in as well, making her thoughts on the matter known in several posts on her platform of choice, Twitter!

The actress called the sentencing a ‘historical moment’ and could not help but celebrate it.

On the day of his sentencing, Reese tweeted: ‘A historical moment today. I'm so appreciative of all the women and the men who spoke about the abuse and harassment that they'd suffered at the hands of Harvey Weinstein. It gives me renewed hope in the U.S. justice system that due process works, the survivors will be believed, and justice be served.’

And that was not all! She also went on to show gratitude to everyone who has made Weinstein’s conviction a reality.

‘Thank you to all the journalists and publications that persisted in telling survivors' stories, despite pushback and threats, and brought this story to the light,’ she tweeted once again, making sure to tag The New York Times, The New Yorker, journalist Ronan Farrow, as well as Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey - authors of the book ‘She Said’.

Weinstein was finally sentenced earlier today, a couple of weeks after he was declared guilty of third degree rape and criminal sexual assault in the first degree.

As you know, his abuse and harassment of many women in Hollywood for decades was eventually what started the whole Me Too movement, which then exposed a number of other men in positions of power doing similar crimes.

Harvey’s case still remains the most shocking, however, no less than 90 women having come out to say that the film producer had sexually abused them to a certain degree during his long Hollywood career.


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