Reese Witherspoon Honored By Children Deacon And Ava Phillippe Before Receiving Sherry Lansing Leadership Award

Reese Witherspoon Honored By Children Deacon And Ava Phillippe Before Receiving Sherry Lansing Leadership Award
Credit: Source: Reese Witherspoon/Instagram

Reese Witherspoon's children, Deacon Phillippe, 16, and Ava Phillippe, 20, honored their mother before she was presented with the Sherry Lansing Leadership Awards at the Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment Breakfast Gala. The children and their mother posed on the red carpet, with Reese's husband Jim Toth (the children are from Reese's marriage to Ryan Phillippe) and looked stunning. Named after former studio head and trailblazer Sherry Lansing, the award is given to women who like its namesake, are forging a new path for women in the industry. Sherry Lansing was the first woman to ever head a movie studio and Paramount's best years were under her leadership.

Ava was delighted that her mother had been selected to be this year's recipient and she left a sweet message of congratulations to Reese on her official Instagram account. Many in the public have been amazed at how much Ava resembles her Oscar-winning mother with many saying they look more like sisters than mother and daughter.

Ava shared the following message along with her post.

"Major congratulations to my mama, who received an award today for her leadership in the industry that she cares so deeply about improving. I’m so grateful to have a mom this thoughtful, passionate, and courageous, and I’m glad other people can recognize how special she is! 💐"

Reese also shared a message about being presented with the Sherry Lansing Award.

"What an inspiring morning! ☀️ To be in a room filled with so many passionate, talented women in our business was truly an honor and a thrill! I will never forget the speeches by @staceyabrams @ronanfarrow and @oliviawilde that made me want to work EVEN harder to make our business a more inclusive and representative place. I am humbled by all of the stories I heard. And I’m so excited for the future of the next generation of change-makers in this world!! Thank you @hollywoodreporter for the Sherry Lansing Leadership award... it is such an incredible honor! 💫"

You may see a photo slideshow that Reese shared, including a picture of herself with Sherry Lansing below.

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