Reddit Bans Pro-Trump Thread 'The_Donald' For 'Hate Speech'

Reddit Bans Pro-Trump Thread 'The_Donald' For 'Hate Speech'
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This Monday, Hot New Hip Hop reported, Reddit banned the subreddit, "r/The_Donald," for violating the website's terms and conditions. The outlet says that Reddit has been purging its website of controversial groups, approximately 2,000 of them, over the last few months.

Reddit has chosen a new way of moderating its content. In the past, they gave more discretionary power to groups and individuals when allowing certain types of content. Typically, it was done through moderators.

This Monday, Reddit announced they were going to ban any groups, individuals, or subreddits, that have been accused of hate speech or have called for violence. Their new policy states that all users have the right to use the website without being harassed or bullied.

In a statement, the CEO of Reddit and co-founder, Steve Huffman, acknowledged that he and the rest of the company had fallen short in the censoring of offensive or hateful speech. Steve Huffman also accused the subreddit, "r/The_Donald," of antagonizing other groups including Reddit itself.

According to Alexa Internet, Reddit is the 19th most popular website in the world, receiving millions of views every single day. While many have hailed the decision of Reddit to eliminate controversial subreddits, some have accused them of merely stomping out political opponents whose views are contrary to their own.

For instance, one user wrote that "there are many examples of abuse across Reddit, in every subreddit, so to ban Donald Trump's supporters seems like more of a political maneuver ahead of the coming election than anything else."

This comes after it was reported that Donald Trump's numbers at the poll have been on a steady decline as the number of COVID-19 cases continues to climb in the United States. However, it's been reported that the total number of deaths is decreasing.

Regardless, Fox News said that Donald Trump was considering dropping out of the race this year on account of his current bad numbers. GOP sources state that if his numbers continue to drop, he'll remove himself from the presidential race.

Other sources insinuated it was best to consider the claims as mere rumors.

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