Rebel Wilson Reveals The One Thing That "Always Happens" To Her When In A Relationship

Rebel Wilson Reveals The One Thing That "Always Happens" To Her When In A Relationship
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In a new interview with InStyle, Rebel Wilson revealed one of the things she always goes through while in a relationship. According to Just, while speaking on the topic of politics, Rebel said she wants to "help people" and part of her court case in Australia was about standing up to bullying organizations.

"When I see other people needing to stand up for themselves," the actress began, "I like to inspire or help them with the legal knowledge I have." As fans of the star know, she recently won a court case against a media company in Australia that allegedly defamed her.

However, after she was awarded a large sum of money, it was later appealed and the outlet didn't have to pay nearly as much money in damages and compensation. According to Wilson, as a woman, she has to stand up for herself in a plethora of different ways.

Regarding her dating life, Rebel claimed some people get intimidated by the idea of having a hungry press continuously around, taking pictures, and wanting to get their hands on gossip material and other intimate information.

According to her, she has been in many relationships where her partner had to leave because he just couldn't handle the publicity and attention that comes with fame. Rebel isn't the only person to come out with such a complaint.

In the past, Kylie Jenner has made similar remarks. In a recent interview, Ms. Jenner spoke about the way in which men can't handle the spotlight sometimes, and how they get sick of continuously being the target of media scrutiny.

Wilson echoed the suggestion, adding that fame came so fast once Pitch Perfect became such an international hit. All of a sudden, it appeared as though paparazzi were appearing out of the woodwork to ask questions and take pictures.


It's a far cry from where she used to be. Once, while in her twenties the actress explained, she didn't know where to buy a dress to go to a nice wedding. But now, she has an entire wardrobe of "custom Givenchy."

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