Rebel Wilson And Jacob Busch - Inside Their Perfect Romance!

Rebel Wilson And Jacob Busch - Inside Their Perfect Romance!
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It sounds like Rebel Wilson and Jacob Busch are made for one another and the actress' close pals are super happy for her! After all, they have such a successful romance - but what is their secret?

According to an insider report, Rebel has with Jacob the exact relationship she's always dreamed of, meaning that it's pretty much a match made in heaven!

As it turns out, the actress and the businessman have the same outlook on life and they have truly been bonding as a couple over all the things they have in common, one of them being a healthy lifestyle!

The insider, who is apparently close to the Pitch Perfect actress explained that 'One thing Rebel loves about Jacob is how healthy he is. They push one another in the right direction and working out is really one of their favorite things to do together. They are not obsessive about it though, they still love to just Netflix and chill and order takeout. But overall, they are very healthy together, it is a very positive relationship because they bring out the best in each other.'

Sure enough, Rebel has actually lost no less than 60 pounds this year, reaching her goal weight not too long ago!

The actress has been keeping fans posted on her weight loss journey ever since she first announced it and even dubbed 2020 as her 'year of health!'

Naturally, she was already determined to make it happen but having her boyfriend in her life has helped a lot with her motivation as well!

As for her good friends, the insider dished that 'It’s clear to Rebel’s close friends that she is happier than ever and they could not be more thrilled for her. She's always had the most positive attitude, but she cannot stop smiling lately but who could blame her? She is committed to getting in the best shape of her life and she is so proud she stuck with it so far, and accomplished her goal because she feels incredible.'


They mentioned that she is really happy with Jacob because he is so supportive and even gets along really well with her inner circle - what more could she want from a man?


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