Rebel Wilson And Jacob Busch - Here's Why They Broke Up!

Rebel Wilson And Jacob Busch - Here's Why They Broke Up!
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Rebel Wilson and Jacob Busch looked really happy and in love but then, all of a sudden, they put an end to their relationship, shocking their fans! So what really led to their sudden and unexpected split?

As you may know, the two were just inseparable and they would show off their sweet romance on social media quite a lot by posting PDA pics and showing each other a lot of love and support. And fans loved it!

Rebel and Jacob were together for no less than a year before breaking up last month!

So how did it start and why did it end?

As it turns out, the two were actually introduced by a mutual friend sometime in 2019, as per PEOPLE.

They began to see each other casually but their relationship was forced to evolve a lot faster when the COVID-19 quarantine started!

They remained in touch and then, they were finally able to reunite, Rebel travelling to L.A., from Australia, to see him.

Not too long after, they also made their red carpet debut at the Monte-Carlo Gala for Planetary Health in Monaco back in September!

Following this appearance, the PDA pictures started showing up on their platforms more and more!

But then, in February, they broke up! While the news made headlines when Rebel referred to herself as a 'single girl' in a hashtag about going to the Super Bowl, it was also confirmed by a rep later on.

Now, one insider shared via HollywoodLife, the supposed reason why they ended their romance.


'It just reached its end because they're just in different spots in their lives. When they began talking about the future, they thought that their future would be together, but they found out they did not have similar mindsets on settling down, on career goals and all that. No heartbreak, they're cool with each other. It's just ran its course.'

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