Rebekah Vardy Opens Up About The “Horrific” Online Bullying She Went Through While Pregnat

Rebekah Vardy Opens Up About The “Horrific” Online Bullying She Went Through While Pregnat

Just a few days after giving birth to her baby, Finley back in January, Rebekah Vardy decided to tell-all on the bullying she received from trolls on social media.

Soccer player Jamie Vardy’s wife revealed that although after giving birth to her fourth child she felt more “resilient” she still found the online abuse very upsetting, especially because it came at a time when she should have been celebrating.

Furthermore, "After having a baby your hormones are raging, the last thing you want to feel is pressurized and upset," she explained.

As fans may already know, the 34 years old mother of four took her clothes off just three months after giving birth to her baby boy and said she feels “proud” of her body.

"I have a wobbly tummy, bigger legs, wrinkled skin and stretch marks, just like any woman does when she's had a baby.”

She explained that she wanted to be there for other women who feel pressured to get back in shape immediately after having a child which is very unrealistic.

She added that it annoys her when celebrity moms claim their post-pregnancy weight just dropped overnight naturally when in fact they usually get a tummy tuck at the same time as a caesarean.

Rebekah slammed those women, saying it’s “unnatural.”

"What is natural is doing what I do – wearing plenty of good make-up, a much bigger bra and a pair of Spanx," she added.

Her statement comes as a follow-up to her controversial breastfeeding live on Loose Women last month.

While she was there she also talked about the sick cyber bullying that she went through and said some people even wished her little boy would’ve been stillborn.

"It was horrific,” she stated.

Do you think the trolls went too far?

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