Reba McEntire's Mother Dies At 93 - But Not From Coronavirus

Reba McEntire's Mother Dies At 93 - But Not From Coronavirus
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Reba McEntire recently took to her social media account to confirm that her mother, Jacqueline, died at the age of 94-years. UPI reported on a Twitter post from the country music star in which she commemorated her mother's final rest.

On Saturday, Reba wrote on her account that her mother had a "wonderful, full, healthy life," and she was ready to leave this mortal toil indefinitely. Reba indicated that it wasn't the coronavirus that killed her mom, but a long battle with cancer.

You can check out the star's Twitter post below:

Despite her mother's ailing health, Reba has continued her creative output, including her 33rd studio record that was released in April 2019, Stronger Than Truth. The 64-year-old artist also co-hosted the Country Music Association show alongside Dolly Parton and Carrie Underwood in Nashville.

While her mother didn't die from coronavirus, there have been other celebrities who have lost family members as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nick Markus reported on the 14th of March that Conor McGregor, the UFC provocateur, who recently beat Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone in a 45-second knockout, lost his aunt. According to Nick, Conor took to his account to say that he lost his aunt potentially due to the virus.

The Shade Room picked up on the post from the UFC star, in which he claimed that "I believe we have this virus contained." The fighter went on to say that the world will be more adequately equipped to handle calamities in the future.

Conor won't be the only person affected personally by the coronavirus pandemic. This Wednesday, Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, took to their social media to indicate that they had been quarantined in an Australian hospital due to the virus.

Tom was in Australia filming a new movie about the famed legendary singer, Elvis Presley, in which he was portraying the star's manager. Tom's update to the world took social media by storm, with many people posting comments on the upload and news media outlets reporting on it in the mainstream press.

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