Reba McEntire Claims She's "Sick" Of "Bro Trend" In Country Music Right Now

Reba McEntire Claims She's "Sick" Of "Bro Trend" In Country Music Right Now
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Reba McEntire said she was hoping that country music goes back to the way it was following years of a supposed "bro trend." The star said she'd hoped for a return to old school "strong country," rather than the current trend of, what has been described by other critics as, pop ballads with drum machine clap tracks.

The 63-year-old said to Amna Nawaz from PBS that she was disappointed that a woman wasn't given the nomination for the Country Music Award's Entertainer of The Year this past year. It was "disappointing," but it didn't surprise her, claims the longtime star.

Rather than blaming the system, however, Reba said she and the rest of her female cohorts needed to "support each other," and they've got to just "get in there next year." According to Reba, there is a strong "bro culture" in country music right now.

Reba said to reporters that the music was reflective of men who go "down to the river to catch some fish," and everyone is a "good old boy." She said it's the "bro-music." She went on to say that she missed the days of Mel Tillis, Ronnie Milsap, Conway Twitty, and Merle Haggard.

Speaking on what it takes to make it in the entertainment industry, McEntire claims she has made a lot of sacrifices over the years, including staying away from home for long periods of time. She said she even had to leave her children at home "with a nanny."

McEntire said she would've liked to spend more time with her kids, but on account of her job, she was more likely to be shooting a movie in LA. When the reporters asked if she would do things differently, she said, "I don't know."

This comes after the push to get women into leading roles in film over the past few years. Additionally, some have clamored for women to be included more in the music industry as well, with many criticizing, for instance, the lack of inclusion of female nominees at awards ceremonies.

Reba isn't the only person to criticize country music in the past few years. Hollywood celebrities have accused country musicians, such as those who frequent the CMT Awards, of being complicit in the era of the Trump administration.

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