Reality TV Star Miriam Rivera Passes Away At 38-Years-Old

Reality TV Star Miriam Rivera Passes Away At 38-Years-Old
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According to multiple reports, Miriam Rivera, the first openly transgender reality television star, passed away on the 5th of February in her native country, Mexico. The reality star was 38-years-old, and her spouse, Daniel Cuervo, confirmed the sad news on Facebook.

Mr. Cuervo said she actually passed away a few months ago, but the news just broke yesterday. Reportedly, Rivera died in her apartment under unknown circumstances, however, other reports state she actually hung herself. Mr. Cuervo has denied these claims.

Daniel wrote on his Facebook page that his "adorable wife" may rest in peace with God. During a conversation with the Daily Mail in Australia, Cuervo stated that he thought there was some suspicious activity at play.

According to her husband, Miriam called him from Mexico and claimed to be severely ill, including symptoms of vomiting blood. He told her she should go to the hospital right away. Cuervo was in New York City at the time of her phone call.

Moreover, Cuervo's story became even more strange, stating that he wanted to have her body transported to New York, but she was cremated before an autopsy occurred. Cuervo stated that an anonymous man called him and said he would be murdered if he ever came back to Mexico.

Jeanett Ørtoft, a personal friend of the reality star, claims she died under mysterious circumstances as well. She said to reporters from Daily Mail Australia that it's possible she was killed for fighting against human trafficking. Other people believe she killed herself.

Miriam was most famous for appearing on the 2004 dating show, Big Brother Australia and There's Something About Miriam. Additionally, she was a participant in New York's ballroom scene and played a fundamental role in the House of Xtravaganza.

Following the news of her passing, the House released an Instagram post in which they stated, "remembering," their beautiful Miriam.

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