Real Housewives' Leah McSweeney Joins Protests Against NYC Restaurants Closing

Real Housewives' Leah McSweeney Joins Protests Against NYC Restaurants Closing
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Page Six reported this week that Leah McSweeney and Ramona Singer were once at odds with each other, however, the pair of reality stars came together for a common cause this Tuesday. The 38-year-old, McSweeney, went to a Times Square rally to protest Andrew Cuomo's decision to shut down in-door dining in NYC.

Moreover, protestors demanded that the government bailout restaurant owners for the damage caused to the industry because of the lockdowns. The reality star wrote in her post that it wasn't about "dining out," it was about small business owners and hard-workers.

Leah went on to write in her post that the city hardly even exists without restaurants, which are crucial to New York's culture. According to the Real Housewives star, in-door dining only has a 1.4% transmission rate and she says it doesn't warrant people going out of business.

Earlier this year, Leah made her political opinions known once again when she slammed Mayor De Blasio. She claimed he was "in way over his head," and should probably just step down before he did any more damage to New York City.

The last time we heard from Leah was when she was participating in an online art auction to help out undocumented workers who are really struggling amid the pandemic.

Ramona Singer also touched on the protests on her social media, saying how Governor Andrew Cuomo wanted to shut down restaurants because New York City is in such terrible debt, and they needed a federal bailout.

The reality star went on to say that in-door dining was hardly a substantial vector of transmission, especially compared to household gathers and transportation systems. Reportedly, Singer is also involved with the Tribeca AOA Bar and Grill.


This past Tuesday, Ramona also signed a Change petition demanding the impeachment of Mayor Bill De Blasio. Luann de Lesseps , also a New York City inhabitant, wrote on her social media that restaurants were the "lifeblood" of the Big Apple. The Real Housewives of New York City is currently in the middle of its 13th season.


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