Ray J's Wife Princess Love Shares Workout Video Without Sports Bra And Sparks Debate About Breastfeeding

Ray J's Wife Princess Love Shares Workout Video Without Sports Bra And Sparks Debate About Breastfeeding

Poor Princess Love, she merely wanted to share her epic and grueling workout routine, and instead, she was shamed for her outfit and lack of sports bra.

Ray J's wife, who welcomed baby Melody Norwood 8 months ago, has been able to shed the pounds fairly quickly.

The reality TV star has been showing off her stunning figure in a series of tight and sheer dresses. Many have been asking Princess Love, how did she get back in shape so fast?

The mom of one posted a video to show her supporters the exercises that helped her tone her body, but it went south very quickly because everyone is focused on her tank top with no bra.

Princess Love explained: "I’m not big on working out, but I’m trying to get better with my health. I’ve been drinking water, eating better and focusing on me. A few months ago my aunt told me about this workout band from @whatwaistofficial that’s supposed to better your workout, and I got one, and I’ve been hooked ever since! This is how I’m getting off this Thanksgiving weight! Don’t say I never told you anything LOL!"

A comment read: "Do you not own a sports bra like wtf. Exercising with unrestrained breastfeeding tits????? You a real one cause that would be a leaking painful mess for me."

This mom shared: "Absolutely! She doesn’t want to sag too much at her age. Please put on a sports bra! Clearly, this was just for camera...who wear that kind of bra and top for a workout session?"

Another person claimed: "The form is incorrect! But big ups for working out! The struggle is real especially with alcohol in the mix are you still cutting out alcohol from your diet. She has her boobs out for the world to see.. like this is not the type of attention you want unless it is what u wanted.. next time wear a sports bra girl. That’s how you sag the tits. no one is paying attention to the positive things that you’re saying.. just your boobs flopping around."

A source told Hollywood Life that Ray J 's loves his wife's new figure and cannot get enough of it.

The pal claimed: "Princess is totally back in shape and looks incredible, and Ray J says he’s never been more attracted to her. They are obviously very busy with their new baby, but the romance in their relationship is alive and well.”

If Ray J is happy, all is well.

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