Ray J's Wife Princess Love Has The Snap-Back Game On Lock In New Pictures, But Critics Body-Shamed Her For Being Too Skinny

Ray J's Wife Princess Love Has The Snap-Back Game On Lock In New Pictures, But Critics Body-Shamed Her For Being Too Skinny
Credit: Instagram

After giving birth to baby Melody Norwood, reality TV star Princess Love was determined to get back in shape, and she has done just that, but some of her critics are now body-shaming her for being too thin.

Ray J's wife recently took to social media where she posted a few pictures of herself flaunting her impressive weight loss.

The mother of one looked stunning in a body-hugging olive dress. Princess Love also put her figure on display in a milky white jumpsuit.

While most people complimented her on her snap-back game, a few told her to stop shedding pounds.

One sweet note read: "Dang, she is small, but she looks good either way! You look fantastic time for Baby number 2 lol. I love you, now after I saw you hug Moniece. I always liked you, but you are indeed something special lady!! ...duh I'm late I know- but I just wanted to drop a line to let you know a stranger from culver city truly admires the way you carry yourself and wishes the best for you and your family. Take care princess; ur baby is all that too! ?"

Another commenter shared: "Damn, Princess yo snap back on point. @princesslove is one of the realist celebrities we could ever encounter. She responds to her fans and not just the negative shit, she always really about her problems on and off television. She doesn’t hold anything back and refuses to be controlled. She keeps it ? ... if that ain’t real, idk what is!! My hats off to her. BLESS UP."

This supporter claimed: "@princesslove when you said you had snap back; you were NOT lying!! Girl, you look amazing!! I watch the show just to see you & Ray J!! Loved the Labor of Love episode!! You two are going to be great parents! Let Ray J be him cuz that will make him the best dad ever!! you rock hunnie one of my favorites on the show. Go hard and can keep it classy. All the way from Baltimore we love your grind keep pushing."

A naysayer went after the new mother and stated: "This is pretty but it makes you look skinny I like you wearing dresses you'd look bigger."

It is indeed impossible to please everyone. Critics should leave Princess Love alone because she is known to clap back when she or her family members are attacked.

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  • freddie grant
    freddie grant Nov 20, 2018 7:04 AM PST

    U r a dream come tru

  • Nicole
    Nicole Nov 20, 2018 6:54 AM PST

    It used to be more emphasis on having a good safe delivery and healthy baby, but now it's all about the SNAPBACK. People , especially women, so concerned about the SNAPBACK. I'm not no hater either as I had no real issues losing wait if anything I had Cardi B issues with not gaining it all back, but my main focus was if my babies were good. It's ok to want to look good especially if it's for yourself but damn seems like every time a woman has a baby it's a automatic snapback challenge. Cut this, somebody always trying to impress or stunt for strangers.

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