Ray J's Sister Brandy Norwood Defends Him Over Emotional Video Where He Denied Talking About Kim Kardashian

Ray J's Sister Brandy Norwood Defends Him Over Emotional Video Where He Denied Talking About Kim Kardashian
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Don't come for Ray J because his big sister, Brandy Norwood, will take you down. Ray J was forced to tape a video where he denied talking about his ex-girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, while in London, England.

Princess Love's husband said he is a changed man and he would never dare to disrespect Kim.

Ray J said in the clip: “I felt like I needed I needed to come online and shut down all of these false rumors that are going on about me and what I said about somebody I’ve been within the past. Let me make this one thing clear: I’m in a great place in my life. I’m happy. I love my wife. I’ve got a beautiful new baby girl; her name is Melody Love Norwood. I’ve been trying to be the best parent I can be.”

He also wrote: "FALSE RUMORS! - I’ve done at least ten interviews in the past 2weeks in #London and I’ve been respectful to everyone! These rumors are false and uncalled for! My family is all that matters, and that’s all I live for. The old ray J is dead. Let him RIP. I’m a new man with new responsibilities and moral values. Don’t believe everything you read. Much love and respect! #LetGodWork and GO VOTE!!!"

Brandy, who always has Ray J's back, had this to share:

One fan reacted to Ray J's statement by saying: "Melody IZZZ A CUTIE PIE tho????Ray don't want no problems with Princess crazy ass!???? That's right Ray! Defend your beautiful family."

Another person stated: "Young man you spoke profoundly, elegantly and from the heart! Move and continue your journey as a father and husband and stand strong as Gods Child!"

This person went after Brandy for always defending Ray J.

The fan explained: "What makes Brandy think that person listened to this farce? Maybe she saw his face and immediately knew he was backtracking and said what she said. I used to like brandy...until she started coming for Carlotta. I’m so damn pissed every time I see something about brandy I get mad."

This fourth supporter said: "His makes me so happy. I grew up loving RayJ; I love seeing him be this great version of himself. I haven’t watched a ton of LHHH, but I didn’t care much for the version of him I saw there much of the time... this.. this is wonderful."

Do you believe Ray J when he says he never did the interview with The Sun ?

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  • Mika
    Mika Nov 7, 2018 3:13 AM PST

    I believe Ray J did a lot of interviews and he was asked questions about Kim and he may have not answered and or was vague and the reporter ran with a story. Even when he was the "old Ray" I don't recall him doing interviews on the subject Why Now

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