Ray J's Pregnant Wife Princess Love Accuses Him Of Leaving Her In Las Vegas

Ray J's Pregnant Wife Princess Love Accuses Him Of Leaving Her In Las Vegas
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Ray J's pregnant wife Princess Love is accusing him of leaving her stranded in Las Vegas.

There is some serious trouble in paradise when it comes to Ray J and Princess Love. She used Instagram to blast him for leaving her, as well as their daughter Melody, in Las Vegas without a safe way to get home.

"Left me and Melody stranded in Las Vegas and blocked me from calling... now you wanna post family photos. #ByeUgly," she replied in the comments section of Ray J's latest Instagram post.

Ray J has since deleted the post that consisted of a photo of him, Princess Love and one-year-old Melody. He has also not responded on social media or via his rep to his wife's claims.

Meanwhile, Princess Love and Melody are waiting for someone to come to Las Vegas and drive them back to Los Angeles. The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star is fully aware she has the money and means to get herself back home.

However, her car is in Las Vegas and she does not feel safe making the drive alone with her young daughter. Princess Love is eight months pregnant, making the road trip by herself is not ideal.

"I'm over 8-months pregnant and I don't even want to have to stop for gas or go into labor with all of this human trafficking going on," she shared.

Plus, she could go into labor at any moment with only her little girl in the car. The drive is not extremely long, a little over four hours. However, considering her condition, it is smart of Princess Love not to make the journey alone.

She did not indicate if or when someone would come to get her from Las Vegas.

Ray J is being accused of leaving his pregnant wife and young daughter stranded in Las Vegas. The couple has had their fair share of drama during their three-year marriage. They always manage to find their way back to each other though, despite the ups and downs.

Until being left in Vegas, Princess Love was having an "amazing pregnancy." She has been updated fans throughout her pregnancy on social media, including an extortionary gender reveal.

Ray J hoped in a helicopter that blew smoke the color of the sex of the baby. Princess Love stayed behind watching her husband fly off and learning baby number 2 is a boy.

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