Ray J's Mother, Sonja B. Norwood, Picks A Side In His Fight With Wife Princess Love Who Is 8 Months Pregnant

Ray J's Mother, Sonja B. Norwood, Picks A Side In His Fight With Wife Princess Love Who Is 8 Months Pregnant
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Rapper Ray J faced some serious backlash recently after it was rumored that he left his pregnant wife, Princess Love, and their baby daughter, Melony Norwood, alone in Las Vegas with no way of coming back to Los Angeles.

However, it was Princess Love herself that first told the world that her husband had treated her badly by writing about it on Instagram.

It appears that the gossip was too much for Ray J, as the 38-year-old entrepreneur addressed the critics and tried to explain what really happened.

The businessman shared a video on his Instagram page on Thursday and stated that it seemed nobody understood who he really was.

Ray J also claimed that he was a family man and that he dedicated his life to his closest ones.

According to him, to suppose that he would ever harm his daughter was a sad thing.

The controversial reality TV star then showed to the camera his surroundings, to prove that he had not left Las Vegas and was still at the Skylofts at MGM Grand Hotel, saying that at the same time he did not understand how somebody could get stranded if he never left.

The "Brown Sugar" singer continued his video confession by saying that he missed his baby girl, Melody, very much and apologized for any wrongdoings that he had committed, although he hinted that Princess Love was to blame too: "How can I make adjustments, how can I compromise to make you happy – it goes both ways in a relationship. This is not it."

Princess Love did not leave Ray J's speech without an answer as she commented, "Practice what you preach" and also asked her husband why did he miss his daughter if he was with them the whole time.

She added: "A man will have a whole wife, kid, and baby on the way and start an argument with you.. just to go to his other hotel room to party with escorts and strippers. What's in the dark always comes to light."

Ray J shared a new video with his mother, Sonja B. Norwood, by his side.

He said: "I don't know what I would do or where I would be without my mom. I appreciate everything you've done for me, momma! And thank you for standing by my side and being a shoulder to lean on! - Respect - love and patience are what you always told me to have. Keep praying for my family and me."

The drama is getting real.

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