Ray J's Daughter, Melody Norwood's Hat Stole The Show In Kentucky Derby Picture With Princess Love

Ray J's Daughter, Melody Norwood's Hat Stole The Show In Kentucky Derby Picture With Princess Love
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Baby Melody Norwood stole all the show at the 2019 Kentucky Derby that took place on Saturday in Louisville.

At the annual event that was attended by many celebrities; the adorable baby genius was, of course accompanied, by his mother Princess Love and father Ray J.

The family was elegantly dressed -- Ray J wore a sophisticated suit while Princess Love opted for a sexy outfit and large hat.

As for princess Melody, she was beyond adorable in a pink dress and matching cardigan. Her mom tried to put a hat on her head, but she was not having it, so she removed it.

One fan of the couple said: "I bet she stole the whole show. Nobody was watching the horses once Melody came in 😍Your gorgeous ray J fine all of you baby is precious and beautiful as much as you might not agree she does looks like Sonija Ray J mom ❣️ haha melody said, I'm not about that hat life!!! Lol she's the cutest @princesslove 😍😍Princess you have to another baby for yourself that’s Rays face right there. 😘"

Another commenter stated: "Beautiful Family!!! Melody is so gorgeous!!!!! She looks so much like you!!!! Her lil hat is too cute, and she’s posing!!! 😩Beautiful 😍 you won't be able to carry her anymore in a few months @princesslove because she's growing up way too fast right before our very eyes ...😍🥰😘bless her."

This follower shared: "Okay, Princess and Melody!!!! Welcome to Da Villa! Yaw look amazing 😉Melody: hurry up &take the picture I'm ready to take this hat off. More babies, Mel needs a playmate!"

A source told Hollywood Life that Princess Love is already planning to have another baby.

The insider stated: “Princess was already saying that she wanted another baby when she was still pregnant with Melody. She wants at least three kids, and she’s getting close to her mid-30s so she does feel the time crunch. And pregnancy was very easy for her! Her friends called her a superhero because she didn’t have a single side effect or even a day of morning sickness, so she doesn’t feel worried about getting pregnant again right away.”

Princess Love is hoping to have a boy. Melody would probably love to have a little sibling.

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