Ray J Shares Video With Melody Norwood And All Fans Can Focus On Is His Missing Eyebrow Amid Baby Number 2 Rumor With Princess Love

Ray J Shares Video With Melody Norwood And All Fans Can Focus On Is His Missing Eyebrow Amid Baby Number 2 Rumor With Princess Love

Baby Melody Norwood is getting ready to celebrate with her parents -- Ray J and businesswoman Princess Love -- who might have a big news by Christmas.

The former R&B singer shared the sweetest video where he is twining with cutie pie Melody who seems excited for the holiday.

The father tells his little girl to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and Melody gives a great big smile.

The video went viral because Melody looks like a pretty doll and many are confused by Ray J's eyebrows -- well, lack thereof.

One fan said: "She is absolutely beautiful she makes me wanna have a baby! Lord knows I don't want another yet! But she literally makes me change my mind! She’s sooooo beautiful God bless her she’s a mix of u both. Who did his eyebrows?? Did Princess cut his eyebrow in his sleep? #JustDoIt #Nike. His eyebrows is slowly disappearing soon lol."

Another follower explained what happened to Ray J's eyebrow: "He fell off his Scoot-E-Bike last year, and it scarred up, I don’t believe hair will grow there. At first, she looked like his mama no lie; she looks like Princess now u good girl. Wow, that baby is just beyond gorgeous and beautiful. Ray j wears fatherhood kinda well too. I swear that little girl can make you smile just by looking at her she so pretty.

Princess recently told Ray J she wants another child, this time, she is hoping for a son. Some friends believe that she might already be pregnant.

A source told Hollywood Life : “Princess was already saying that she wanted another baby when she was still pregnant with Melody. She wants at least three kids, and she’s getting close to her mid-30s, so she does feel the time crunch. And pregnancy was very easy for her! Her friends called her a superhero because she didn’t have a single side effect or even a day of morning sickness, so she doesn’t feel worried about getting pregnant again right away.”

The person added: “Ray J and Princess are almost sickeningly in love right now, and when they ’re together they can hardly keep their hands off each other. When Ray isn’t with her, he’s talking about how much he loves her. Having baby Melody has made him worship Princess even more, and he’s come full circle from being the biggest player to only having eyes for his wife and baby girl. Princess is totally back in shape and looks incredible, and Ray J says he’s never been more attracted to her. They are obviously very busy with their new baby, but the romance in their relationship is alive and well.”

Mel will be a great big sister.

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