Ray J Says He Still Loves Princess Love And Explains Why He Filed For Divorce Anyway!

Ray J Says He Still Loves Princess Love And Explains Why He Filed For Divorce Anyway!
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Fans were shocked to hear that Ray J filed for divorce from wife Princess Love even though the two were really trying to make it work. It’s no secret that the two had some major marital problems but lately they were quite close and focused on saving their marriage.

Now, Ray J is explaining that he still has a lot of love for his wife and that, in reality, getting back together at some point is not out of the realm of possibility!

But then why did he file for divorce?

During a new interview for Entertainment Tonight, Ray J explained that it was just something he felt like he had to do!

This comes after Princess Love filed for divorce first back in May before the two actually started working on their relationship so fans were shocked to realize it was Ray J’s turn to file his own papers.

‘You know, I love her and love my babies and it is just personal, but she knows how I feel about her. I just think I want to make sure everyone is happy, that everyone enjoys life and that this can just help her smile more and enjoy who she is and to enjoy her own life. You know, sometimes it is the best thing to do,’ he dished via the news outlet.

He went on: ‘It’s still so early, I really do not know what’s going to happen, how it happens, but I want to make sure my babies and my Princess are in a great place mentally and that they can just enjoy life. My wife, if there is someone better out there she wants to be with, then I also have to respect that as well. But hey, I do not know…I cannot say too much, but I love you, Princess. That is what I can say.’

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