Ray J Reunites With Wife Princess Love In Awkward Video At Their Baby Shower With Sister Brandy Norwood

Ray J Reunites With Wife Princess Love In Awkward Video At Their Baby Shower With Sister Brandy Norwood
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Reunited, and it feels so awkward! After a nasty and bizarre feud on social media, Ray J and his very pregnant wife, Princess Love Norwood, have decided to get together for their baby shower.

In a matter of days, Princess Love is set to give birth to her second child. Ray J and his wife, who are already parents to baby Melody Norwood, are expecting a baby boy.

Ray J shared a few videos where he is walking around the family home with his sister, Brandy Norwood, and mingling with all the guests at the lavish event.

At some point, while filming, Ray J crossed path with Princess Love, and he had a very odd reaction.

The baby shower comes days after Ray J confessed that he and Princess are still together after she claimed she would be filing for divorce because he left her stranded in Las Vegas.

He said: “Well, first off, let me say, Princess, I love you, baby, and I’m sorry for all the things that happened. We cool now, and we’ll work it out. I know you still mad at me, but as a couple, you go through things, and it just got a little bit out of hand. Sometimes it gets out to the public, and then everybody has their opinion on it, but we’re good though, as parents and as friends and as husband and wife. We just went through something.”

Ray J explained: “I just wanna make sure that they’re okay. Even though the ups and downs, we’re still together, and we’re still listening to each other and being parents. We were able to spend Thanksgiving together, and we’ve been on a day to day [basis]. We still parents, we still love Melody, we still got a baby on the way, so we’re working through it.”

Ray J also revealed why he was seen without his wedding ring: “I was going through the airport, my hands needed some lotion, so they got me without it.”

He went on to say: “I got a tattoo, though, as well. The tattoo is under the ring. Princess is like, ‘Well, it’s not that good of a tattoo,’ so I’ve got to get a better one. … I still can expand it a little more.”

It seems reconciliation is getting serious.

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