Ray J Responds To Rumors That He Has Been Talking With Donald Trump In New Video

Ray J Responds To Rumors That He Has Been Talking With Donald Trump In New Video
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After some peculiar reports came out recently, implicating Ray J in talking to President Donald Trump in secret, Ray J has decided to step forward and clear the air.

He has recently made it clear that nothing is going on between him and Trump, and he has denied ever having talked to the president in secret so he can pardon his friend Marion "Suge" Knight.

Knight is serving 28 years behind bars for manslaughter for the 2015 killing of Terry Carter.

It is not clear if his statements have done much to calm down the people discussing the story and speculating on it, but Ray J sounded fed up with having to deal with these rumors in the first place.

Ray J specifically attacked the Daily Mail for publishing stories alleging that he was talking to Trump behind the public's back and slammed the publication for its sloppy journalism.

Ray J, who is expecting a second baby with wife Princess Love, had this to say: “Look, Daily Mail, I never had a problem with yall, but yall need to call my team and get stuff confirmed before you just put up any story on your site. What kind of story did yall just put up? It’s false, and it’s not true… and it’s corny. Why can’t we talk about the businesses that we’re involved with or pushing the narrative for Raycon Global and how we’re trying to be a positive impact in the tech industry?”

This is not the first time the Daily Mail has come under fire for allegedly fabricating pieces of their news and trying to mislead their readers. Still, it looks like Ray J is mainly fed up with the way things have been going, and how the publication has handled his own reports.

The Daily Mail has not responded to the accusations by Ray J, but this is hardly the first time something like this has happened.

If history is to be of any indication, the publication will just continue as if nothing has happened, and will give no sign that they have even taken any notice of what Ray J had to say.

Hopefully, this does not affect his own reputation too much at this point.

One fan said: "We see you are flourishing, so those stories don’t phase us. Keep working, King. Proud of you! Let them talk!! Son, Keep being strong in the Spirit of the Lord and in the Power on His Might. In the Presence of your enemies, He will prepare a table for you."

Another commenter wrote: "That’s right ‼️‼️‼️ No man can destroy what God gives. But we can, so stay doing the right thing. ❤️🙌🏾"

This supporter shared: "Corny asf. I'm glad you cleared the air cause I was like I know of all ppl you are not risking it for Suge."

Ray J is dealing with this like a pro.

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