Ray J Is Being Blamed By Some For Wife Princess Love's Super Slim Figure In New Pictures Wearing Sheer Outfit

Ray J Is Being Blamed By Some For Wife Princess Love's Super Slim Figure In New Pictures Wearing Sheer Outfit
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First, Princess Love was too big; now, she is too skinny -- can the woman get a break?

Ray J's wife shared a photo where she is wearing a sheer outfit that revealed her stunning figure six months after giving birth to baby Melody Norwood.

The comments went south fairly quickly. Many are blaming Ray J for stressing her out and causing her to lose too much weight.

While her supporters are applauding her and Kenya Moore for their insane snap-back game.

One person opened the debate with: "Damn!! Ray got you that stressed out?! Girl you too skinny!!"

A fan shared: "Beautiful don’t let them tell you different just haters they wish they can bounce back like you after having a baby, look at Kenya More.. they jealous because they envy you??❤️ #ray j got his one wish."

A third person chimed in: "If someone’s happy with themselves, why not let them be. Self-hate is bad enough. Hating on someone is worse. So many people are out here changing themselves cosmetically, risking their lives to be “socially” beautiful, and even if they want to do that, it’s their business, not ours. I just wish people would spend more time bettering themselves and less time ridiculing others."

Another follower wrote: "Snapback after a baby like WHHHHHHAAAAAA !!!!!!’ When the girl come back baby body badder than before. Don't get it; you weren't even mean. Seemed legit concerned. I think she looks great before and after but I'll tell you how these comments look n it's anything but pretty. Yassss !!!!!!!!! Go P Go !!!!! "

In case you were wondering, Ray loves Princess' new figure.

A source told Hollywood Life : "Having baby Melody has made him worship Princess even more, and he’s come full circle from being the biggest player to only having eyes for his wife and baby girl. Princess is totally back in shape and looks incredible, and Ray J says he’s never been more attracted to her. They are obviously very busy with their new baby, but the romance in their relationship is alive and well.”

Princess Love has revealed that she is eager to have a son.

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