Ray J Fans Fight With Princess Love After She Shared Pictures Of Baby Melody With Pricey Christmas Gifts

Ray J Fans Fight With Princess Love After She Shared Pictures Of Baby Melody With Pricey Christmas Gifts
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Poor Princess Love, these days, she cannot catch a break with cutie pie baby Melody Norwood.

Ray J's wife took to social media where she unveiled the many gifts that she gave her baby girl for Christmas.

Princess Love showed off the bright red Ferrari and other cars/toys she purchased for the seven-month-old baby girl.

The comments were harsh and rude, and Princess Love was forced to slam the haters who said she was wasting money and spoiling her child.

Here is Princess Love's epic clash with her critics:

One person told Princess Love she does not need to defend herself because she can do whatever what wants with her money.

The person said: "Beautiful! You don't owe anyone any explanation for what you do for your baby honey. It's Just a Toy .....When baby Melody out grows it I'm Sure it will be donated like all the cute little clothes she will out grown really fast. I'm guessing you're @rayj accountant, since you're in his pockets.......some people buy clothes, shoes, etc...and the kids can't wear it.....but how does this affect YOUR daily living? Do you hear YOURSELF?They rich they don’t care about if she can use it now or not BIG FACTS."

Another commenter wrote: "My gosh all these people on here complaining about what this man bought for HIS OWN baby... SMH he can buy her whatever he wants to its HIS money and HIS baby, and I'm sure it has the parental remote control so that they can operate it till she's old enough. People are always trying to tell someone else what to do or how to raise their own kids. Mind your own business and either say something nice or please be mindful and kind and keep the mean comments to yourself. I did the same thing for my baby his first Christmas too, and he was only 8 months. Merry Christmas!"

This critic claimed: "Okay, I understand that's your kid, and what not!!! and the car cute or whatever ? but homegirl has a stroller she can't push till she 20? and a car she can't drive til she 16 what happened to the toys she can play with now?? or when she really turn the BIG. And because they are posting it. Inviting the world to hate. If they don’t want people to have opinions, they should keep it to themselves- not get mad with the lame clap backs Bruh first the car now this.... listen this is outrageous!!! Just adopt me dammit!!"

Do you think Princess Love is right or wrong in this story?

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