Ray J And Princess Love Share New Videos Of Baby Melody Norwood -- Fans Are Worried For This Reason

Ray J And Princess Love Share New Videos Of Baby Melody Norwood -- Fans Are Worried For This Reason
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Many fans are scared for Ray J and Princess Love's baby daughter, Melody Norwood after they posted two new videos online.

In the clips, baby Melody, who just turned eight months old, is as cute as a button as she plays in her crib.

The smart little girl is also showing her parents that she is ready to walk and explore the world around her by pulling herself up and standing all by herself.

While fans are thrilled to see that baby Melody has hit another milestone, they are very worried because the crib is made of glass and Melody could hurt herself on the edges.

Other parents are also fearful that she may try to climb out of the crib because her mattress is placed too high.

One fan begged Ray J and Princess Love to change the crib: "Say mommy, it's just a matter of time before I start climbing out that glass princess bed!!melody is moving out the way for her sister or brother💛💙💗if my grandmother was still with us and she met melody and your beautiful family she would have said baby be careful r you and ray expecting because sweet baby melody is getting out the way for her sister or brother..Melody is such an amazing, adorable baby with two great parents."

Another commenter wrote: "It's a beautiful bed. But I agree with @cummingsglowup. Babygirl could hit her mouth on the corners and the top of the bed. There is just nothing preventing that. Just an observation. The mother in me. Keep the bed..just add padding. Never ever try to raise no one else child but that cribs sharp edges scare me #tia 🙏🙏🙏
No shade. Melody is a gorgeous baby."

This concerned supporter replied: "That crib looks dangerous...It’s nice but, if she falls & hits her mouth on one if those corners 🤭🙊 or decides she wants to climb out she doesn’t have far to go. Saying this in love ❤️ just being protective. She’s a cutey."

A fourth follower said Ray J has already revealed that Melody is getting a new crib.

The person explained: "I’m sure she isn’t left unmonitored the bed does look like it’s made out of glass or something hard so if she hits her face, she may get hurt. However, the bed is nice (never seen before) and she’s gorgeous plus dad said she’s getting a new one and I’m sure it’ll be much safer seeing every one mentioned how unsafe this one is.
She moving fast, OK folks say they are getting out the way for next baby. We welcome a lil baby boy. Ray J Jr."

Very soon Melody is going to conquer the world.

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