Ray J And Princess Love Really Have A Baby Genius when It Comes To Melody Norwood And This Video Proves It

Ray J And Princess Love Really Have A Baby Genius when It Comes To Melody Norwood And This Video Proves It
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Baby Melody Norwood has once more stunned fans. Princess Love and husband Ray J are the proud parents of a baby genius.

At six months, Melody is playing the piano. The reality TV star shared a video where Melody is focused and is showing the world her skills as a pianist.

The world knew that Melody was a prodigy when she was a few weeks old -- which is when she said her first words.

The infant already knows her colors and can recite several letters of the alphabet. Fans cannot help but be in awe of the baby genius.

One person said: "Omg, & I'm not being funny, I think your baby may be a prodigy. That video of her saying I love you was amazing to see too. Do the dang thang Princess!! Snatched!! And baby princess is gorgeous!! Congratulations."

Another commenter shared: "Wait tho ??? she actually know how to play! What kind of baby genius do we have here!!! ??? Wowww!!! This baby is extremely brilliant ???????????? my GOD MY GOD. GREAT JOB MOM!!!!!"

This follower claimed: "Wait... She looks like she knows what she's doing!!! Look at how she places her fingers on the keys. She is a natural. Little musical genius!!! She's beautiful. I swear she's the smartest baby I know. Don't wait for nature to take it's course again; sometimes it don't, we need baby number to 2 to be on its way, melody is the reason for # 2, look how beautiful your babies r going to be, come on get with it."

A fourth supporter wrote: "Concentrating like Ray on the keyboard ?. Her name should be princess. So now mom Princess Love you got to move up to be queen lol. Too cute ? perfect mixture of two beautiful ppl. God bless her. She’s already placing her fingers like a true pianist. That baby is so special in so many ways. She’s scary smart she listened to you then looked back up at the camera like "I CAN PLAY NOW" LOL ."

Ray J and his wife are eager to have a son.

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