Ray J And Princess Love Have Epic Helicopter Gender Reveal For Their Second Baby - Check It Out!

Ray J And Princess Love Have Epic Helicopter Gender Reveal For Their Second Baby - Check It Out!
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What a way to reveal their future child’s sex! It looks like Ray J and Princess Love went all out when it comes to their gender reveal!

The parents to be took to social media to share with their many followers all about the experience that included colored smoke but also a helicopter!

‘We’re about to hop on the chopper. They are going to lay down the smoke. It could be either pink or blue, but we are going to find out right now, way up in the air!’ Ray J tells the camera in the clip.

Princess and their one-year-old baby girl, Melody Love Norwood, remained on the ground but Ray made sure to go on the helicopter ride in order to see the smoke show from way up there!

Once up in the air, a second helicopter that was right alongside his own started to release the color into the air and it was blue!

‘We having a boy,’ the excited father shouted, pumping his first into the air.

The pair has been documenting the whole process and sharing it with their fans ever since they learned about the pregnancy!

Back in August, they revealed the big news, Princess writing in a post: ‘Somebody’s gonna be a big sis 👶🏽🍼 New addition arriving January 2020 @melodylovenorwood @rayj #2under2 #Blessed.’

Ray J also wrote on his own platform at the time: ‘Baby #2 on the way! @MelodyLoveNorwood you're going to be a big sister! #Godisthegreatest @princesslove.’

One insider previously told HollywoodLife that they were thinking of adding to the family as far as November 2018: ‘Princess was already saying she wanted another baby while she was still pregnant with Melody. She wants at least 3 kids and she is getting close to her mid-30s, so she feels the time crunch. And pregnancy was really easy for her! Her friends would call her a superhero because she did not have a single side effect - not even a day of morning sickness - so she does not feel worried about getting pregnant again right away.’

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