Ray J And Princess Love Are Doing Everything They Can To Save Their Marriage Claims A Source

Ray J And Princess Love Are Doing Everything They Can To Save Their Marriage Claims A Source
Credit: Source: BET.com

Ray J and Princess Love have been stirring up controversy this week after it was alleged by the latter that her husband left her stranded in Las Vegas with their child. The reality star duo has documented it on social media as well.

Following the social media battle, the couple is apparently getting ready to do what's right for each other as well as their kids. As it was previously reported, Princess took the singer to task on her account after he supposedly left her alone in Las Vegas with their daughter, Melody.

Her accusation started a whirlwind of trouble, which later led to Ray J blocking her on social media. Their fight with each other became so heated that Princess announced she was going to divorce Ray J after he took to his social media and addressed the controversy while appearing nonchalant.

The Jasmine Brand noted earlier today that the pair seems to be trying to get things back to where it was before, and they realized their reaction before was over the top and unnecessary. In other words, Princess Love and Ray J think divorce is a terrible idea.

Rather than call off their romance for good, Ray J and Princess Love are going to start seeing a couple's therapist. Moreover, sources who spoke with the outlet claimed the pair have been getting closer and closer to each other every day.

Princess is currently pregnant with their second child, and she's slated to give birth in just two weeks. Ray J and his wife have been spending a lot of time together on account of her pregnancy, however, some on social media have joked that it appears as though they have spent too much time together.

In November of last year, Ray J was in the media headlines again for the explicit tape he made with Kim Kardashian in the early 2000s.

Ray J, via The Sun, supposedly said Kim had a ton of different lingerie underwear, however, it was later alleged to be a false quote. Ray J addressed the claims and said he never said such things.

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