Ray J And Princess Love Announce They're Expecting Their First Baby!

Ray J And Princess Love Announce They're Expecting Their First Baby!
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Today, the Love and Hip Hop celebs announced that they are pregnant with their first baby together! The first one to share the big news was Princess Love who took to social media to post a pic showing off her baby bump.

‘It is such a blessing to be able to carry our child. We kept this to ourselves until after the first trimester because it is bad luck to announce too early. But we are so proud to share this journey with you guys. Thank you for all of the love and prayers ❤️’ the woman captioned the snap.

During his appearance on The Real later in the day, Ray J also gushed about welcoming a new addition to their family.

‘Princess and I, we are expecting. I’m nervous, excited... it finally happened. My first one. It was special because we were trying for a while. It is not as easy as people think. Some people go on tour and get everybody pregnant. But for me, it was love, and we took our time,’ the man stated, adding that they are yet to find out the gender.

Jay J explained however that while he’s totally fine with whichever gender, he is low key hoping they’ll have a ‘little girl first.’

‘Because it is like, Daddy's little girl. The little boy’s going to be more aggressive probably, so I want to have some peace first. Bring the peaceful side in and then bring the son in. But whatever God blesses us with, I'm happy.’

Ray J and Princess Love got married in August after dating for two years. Congratulations on the addition to the family!


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