Ray Fisher Celebrates The Departure Of Former DC Films Head Walter Hamada

Ray Fisher Celebrates The Departure Of Former DC Films Head Walter Hamada
Credit: Tim P. Whitby

When the DCEU's Justice League came out in 2016, much controversy followed. The film was widely criticized and poorly received by fans and critics alike. The blame for the film's failure was pinned on director Joss Whedon who took over halfway through the production process when the daughter of original director Zack Snyder passed away and he had to step down from his duties.

Several of the actors were criticized for their performances including Ray Fisher who played Cyborg in the film. However, later when the original Zack Snyder version of the film was released after relentless campaigning from the fans, the fans changed their views about Fisher's performance.

This is when the controversy started getting worse as Fisher publicly talked about Joss Whedon's toxic behavior on set and added that DC head Walter Hamada enabled and protected Joss Whedon. Fisher's comments were supported by Gal Gadot who revealed that Whedon threatened to end her career. Fisher further clarified that Whedon minimized Cyborg's role in the film on purpose.

Joss Whedon released a letter defending himself which did not do what it was intended to as fans rallied behind Fisher and turned their attention towards Walter Hamada whom Fisher claimed was the real problem as he enabled Joss and defended his toxic behavior.

This week, Walter Hamada has stepped down as DC films head and Ray Fisher took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the change in leadership.

Fisher previously made it clear that he would not appear in any DC project or any project at all that Walter Hamada would be associated with but now with Walter Hamada gone and several of the original Justice League actors getting ready to make their returns to the DCEU, fans are excited at the aspect of Ray Fisher's Cyborg returning to the DCEU. It is perfectly likely for the character to appear in the upcoming Flash solo film as it was originally going to include Cyborg before the controversy broke out between Fisher and Hamada.

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