Rasheeda & Kirk Frost's Fans Congratulate Them For Still Being Together

Rasheeda & Kirk Frost's Fans Congratulate Them For Still Being Together
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More of your favorite celebs attended one of the most recent On the Run II tour stops including Rasheeda Frost and her husband, Kirk Frost. Rasheeda shared some pics on her social media account, and her fans congratulated the couple for being able to sort things out and stick together after everything that has happened.

Anyway, Rasheeda decided to forgive Kirk, and she stayed with him. Some of her fans did not approve of her decision.

Someone said that 'it takes a strong woman to forgive pain and keep fighting for her marriage. It takes an even stronger love to stay lit through that pain. y'all are genuine role models to some of us who don't know how to handle circumstances like what you've gone through. All about forgiveness and love. ?'

Another follower thinks that 'In this case, side chick did win. She got a part of this married man for the rest of his life, embarrassed his wife to the world, and will be in THEIR pockets until this kid is grown. Calling the side chick out doesn’t mean anything, she already knew what she was doing.'

Someone else also gushed over the couple and wrote: 'So inspiring. I give you so so many props because it's hard when you don’t have the fame to keep a marriage together, but Y'all on camera and I know that’s hard. Keep it tight! Black love is so special!'

Another person praised Rasheeda and Kirs, writing: 'Black love Rocks 1 of my favorite couples in the ATL you all look so good together Represent ???????'

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