Rasheeda Frost's Sanity Is Debated By Her Fans Who Claim That Kirk Frost Has Been 'Silently Breaking Her Down'

Rasheeda Frost's Sanity Is Debated By Her Fans Who Claim That Kirk Frost Has Been 'Silently Breaking Her Down'
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A few days ago, gorgeous Rasheeda Frost shared a pic of herself with no makeup and an incredible, natural look. Her fans appreciated it, but the picture triggered a debate whether she should dump Kirk Frost after cheating on her or not. Take a look at her fans' opinions below.

'No wig, no beat ? Happy Saturday' Rasheeda captioned her photo.

'wow! I didn’t know she was only 36. The whole Kirk situation has been slowly and silently breaking her down,; only if she would accept it for what it is and make peace with herself, she’ll get her sanity back. She’s still going to be with him so why fight herself about it. I like Rasheed’s, but sometimes us woman will remain so angry at other people it’s like drinking poison expecting the other person to die. Just let go and live fr fr!' one of her fans posted, slamming Kirk for what he did to her.

'Whatever @rasheedadabosschick decides to do with her marriage is her mf business so if you feel Rasheeda kirk deserves another chance I stand behind you... Yes, marriage isn't easy but guess what the realist ones stay and try to work through it... This generation gives up on love very easily, and that's why so many people have something negative to say about you... But guess what it's none of their business... So work your marriage out boo,' another follower posted.

'You handle your self like a boss @rasheedadabosschick keep giving it to them raw I like your ambition of a woman??' someone else gushed over Rasheeda.

'@rasheedadabosschick although your mom handles herself extremely well. You guys may want to keep security at the store with her. I love mama.... she keeps it all the way real!!! ?' another commenter wrote, praising the Boss Lady as well.

'yes she is gorgeous af! These comments about her being stressed are ridiculous! Ppl are not used to seeing natural beauty anymore. Hell, some of these young ladies look older than her!' someone else said, and we totally agree!

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