Rasheeda Frost's Recent Video At Pressed Boutique Has Fans Praising Her Looks

Rasheeda Frost's Recent Video At Pressed Boutique Has Fans Praising Her Looks
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Rasheeda Frost shared a video in which she's at her Pressed boutique, and, as always, she invites fans to pay a visit to her store. She's wearing a really cool camouflage shirt, and her fans are here for it and keep asking details on the outfit.

Rasheeda is simply radiating, and her hairdo is totally complimenting her beautiful face.

Someone admires Rasheeda's looks and said 'Lord Please Let Me Be This Fine In My 30s Amennn !!πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ'


Another follower posted, '@rasheeda we need, NEED info on this jacket please and thank you! Can you drop the little no’s for your outfit as well? Thanks boo!!!!'

Someone else would like a store in Philly as well: 'Rasheeda have you ever thought about opening store in Philly?'

One commenter gushed over rasheeda and said: 'You're so beautiful and down to earth! I pray I meet you one day!'

A follower posted: '@rasheeda I was so happy to meet you today! Thank you for blessing us with your beauty and words of wisdom in lil ol Augusta today!!!! Hope you’ll come back soon!!!!'

One other person also admires Rasheeda and told her: 'Nothin but a #BOSS SALUTE It was such a pleasure to meet YOU my Gemini Twin. Indeed. Keep being YOURSELF. THAT'S more than Enuff. #blessed #boss #byfaith πŸ‘‘πŸ’―πŸ’• @rasheeda'

Just recently, it was reported that Rasheeda had a great night out with her man, Kirk Frost.

Besides praising her fantastic look, some of her fans have told her that they are grateful for the fact that she has forgiven Kirk after the horrible cheating drama .

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