Rasheeda Frost's Fans Say She Looks Just Like Her Son, Karter In The Latest Photo

Rasheeda Frost's Fans Say She Looks Just Like Her Son, Karter In The Latest Photo
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Rasheeda Frost's fans have always liked the fact that she keeps advertising her own clothes that she sells at Pressed Boutique. Now, she's showing off another hoodie for her followers but they are quick to point out the fact that her attitude resembles the one of her son, Karter Frost. Here's her pic below.

'Expensive Hoodie 😍 #readytoship pressedatl.com 😘' Rasheeda captioned her photo.

Someone gushed over her hair and said '@rasheedadabosschick can wear any hairstyle or outfit effortlessly and it’s flawless.👌🏾'

Another follower posted 'You look super young on this pic 😩❤️ just to darn fab 😍' and someone else said that she is winning with her son, Karter in the photo: 'I see Carter in this picture 😂😍 issa whole mood'

A supporter wrote 'Always being Rasheeda she doesn’t care who says what she is just her love it.'

Someone praised the Boss Lady and said 'You are a powerful woman. My prayer is that God shines love all over you and your family. We all need a partner or mate that stand with you and for you. Especially when it’s hard to sometimes stand for yourself. If no one said thank you today. Thank you, Queen!!!'

A commenter wanted to see Rasheeda wearing more of the clothes that she sells at her shop: '@rasheedadabosschick always looking fly.. I just wish you wore more of what you sell. I love designer stuff, and every time I see you, it makes me think designer.'

Someone agreed and told her 'I don’t get why you don’t wear what you sell.. or sell that brand name, you probably make more money if you did.'

Rasheeda has recently celebrated her brother-in-law’s life with a recent Instagram post.

As it was already reported, the Frosts had a rough beginning of 2019. Rasheeda Frost’s husband,  Kirk Frost  has been hit by a tragedy as his oldest brother Keith Frost passed away at the beginning of the year.

This hit him really hard considering that his mom died as well in 2018.


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