Rasheeda Frost's Fans Confront Her About The Products She's Been Advertising On Social Media

Rasheeda Frost's Fans Confront Her About The Products She's Been Advertising On Social Media
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Rasheeda Frost along with a lot of other celebrities have been advertising various products on their social media accounts, especially weight loss ones.

Not too long ago, for instance, Khloe Kardashian was bashed by fans and also by other celebrities by advertising such unhealthy products when in fact, she looks the way she does thanks to plastic surgery, not a miracle product.

Now, it's Rasheeda's turn. She used to promote such products a while ago, and now she does it again.

Here's the video that she recently shared on her social media account.

'Hey y’all It’s #WeekToxWednesday ! So that means it's time to detox my body & get rid of all the harmful toxins that come along with everyday living. @weektoxinternational is a way of life. Eat what you want & still lose up to 5 pounds weekly,' Rasheeda captioned her video.

More fans asked her if the product really works.

Someone told her that her fans have been asking whether the product works and she has never replied:

'Hey Rasheed’s, I’m one of your followers, several ppl ask if it works. You never answered the question. There are a lot of things that are advertised on Instagram that turn out to bogus products. I will only hope that you guys advertising products are not helping these fraudulent businesses take out money. Also, there is a contradiction.... it says you can eat what you want in one paragraph and then another says no carbs, sweets, etc.!'

Another one of her fans seems to be in disbelief and said: 'I wanna see you actually take it on live. Tired of y'all acting like you use this stuff frfr.'

Other than this, Rasheeda was recently in the spotlight when she hung out with Kirk Frost's other boy.

Rasheeda decided on the new season of the reality show to finally accept Kannon — the son her husband, Kirk Frost, shares with his ex-side chick, Jasmine Washington.

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