Rasheeda Frost's 2009 Vs. 2019 Photos Have Fans Saying She Hasn't Aged A Day

Rasheeda Frost's 2009 Vs. 2019 Photos Have Fans Saying She Hasn't Aged A Day
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Rasheeda Frost posted a photo from back in 2009 next to another pic from 2019. Comparing the two photos it's pretty safe to say that the Boss Lady looks as if she has not been aging at all according to her fans and we have to agree on this one.

Rasheeda has always taken good care of herself, and she's also been working out a lot. Last year she organized various online and offline events in which she was trying to get her fans to work out and have a happier lifestyle as well.

Her hard work paid off as she's looking flawless these days. Here's the post that she shared with her Instagram followers.

Someone praised Rasheeda's looks and said 'I don't know anyone who dresses better than you 😍'while another follower told her this: 'Wow you haven’t aged a day'

Someone else completely agreed and said 'Damn @rasheedadabosschick you don’t age 😩😍😍😍 that’s that black girl magic YAAAAAAASSSSSSS.'

And eventually, another person was on the exact same page with the other followers who praised Rasheeda's looks: Girrllll now you know we don't wanna see your pics bc you have ALWAYS looked the same... so, therefore, we're kicking you out the challenge.'

The follower is referring to the 10-year challenge that has been floating online.

Other than this, Rasheeda and her hubby Kirk Frost started the new year with some devastating news. Kirk's oldest brother Keith passed away.

Rasheeda has recently celebrated her brother-in-law’s life with a new Instagram post.

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