Rasheeda Frost Wears Surprising Outfit In New Photo -- 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' Fans Are Divided Over Kirk's Wife's Latest Fashion Move

Rasheeda Frost Wears Surprising Outfit In New Photo -- 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' Fans Are Divided Over Kirk's Wife's Latest Fashion Move
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Edgy fashion alert! Rasheeda Frost is not afraid to take risks with the outfits and wigs that she wears.

The mother of two often has her millions of fans talking about her sometimes sexy pants, stunning dresses, and colorful hair.

She has been seen with fuchsia, blue, brown, and even neon hair in the past seven months.

Kirk Frost's wife is aware she is the best spokesperson for her hair brand and her famous stores, so it is not that surprising that she posted a photo where she is wearing an off-the-shoulder jumper.

The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star opted not to wear a belt with the baggy outfit but completed the look with a bright Chanel bag.

Some fans love the comfy look which is ideal for the hot summer heat; others called it a joke,

One person said: "Girlllll yes ma'am! I see no flaws sis. Love your swag your you all the way down to your style... And you be rocking the hell out of it... Get it, gurl!!! You are indeed a fantastic woman. You have overcome so much and never once did you lower your standards to anyone. You are a woman to be admired and a force to be reckoned with. God bless."

Another commenter laughed and shared: "Ridiculous! Everyone else looks like a tooth that wears this. This is a real outfit!? I thought it was a joke. This reminds me of bananas in pajamas for some reason."

A third person brought up the belt idea and added: "I would have added a bold belt with this look... but you still looking amazingly beautiful. And don't get me wrong I love her, she's gorgeous to me, but she deserves better. Every yr he's apologizing for something he has done to her, you inspire me to be boss thou."

In a recent interview, Rasheeda responded to the women who call her inspirational by saying: "Many women ask me how I balance all of the things that I do it. And it’s really about staying driven and being flexible. There isn’t one right path to be successful. But, it comes from personal motivation, drive and being ok with not knowing the answers. You also can’t let others discourage you. We live in a time where people are always trying to knock your hustle or take you out of the game by trying to be your competition. Even if you’re doing something that someone else is doing, figure out a way to do it your way, a better way. Find your niche and grow from there."

Do you like the outfit, fashion forward or fashion faux pas?

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